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Choosing and Placing Lighting for Functionality:

Jan 12, 2024

How to Optimize Your Lighting Choices

Hello, lighting aficionado! Ever noticed how the right lighting can shift a room’s entire mood? That’s the enchantment of lighting. It’s the unsung hero of interior design. Whether you’re crafting a cozy reading spot or setting up for game night, the right lighting is crucial. Join us as we shine a light on the art of choosing and placing lighting for maximum functionality.

1. The Lighting Trio: Choosing the best option

  • Ambient Lighting: The foundational glow of a room, often from overhead fixtures or elegant chandeliers.
  • Task Lighting: Essential for specific tasks like reading or cooking. Think of desk lamps, under-cabinet lights, or pendant lights above counters.
  • Accent Lighting: Perfect for showcasing special features, from artwork to unique furniture. Wall sconces and spotlights are your go-to here.

2. Tailoring to the Room’s Purpose:

Each room demands unique lighting. Your kitchen needs clear task lighting for culinary tasks, while bedrooms call for softer, ambient tones, perhaps with a reading light for those bookworm nights. (check out this project here.)

3. Layering for Functionality:

Layering is key. In communal spaces like living rooms, mix ambient lights with accent and task lights to cater to various needs.

4. Setting the Mood with Light Temperature:

Light bulbs can set the room’s tone. Warm Kelvin numbers offer a cozy ambiance, while higher ones bring a refreshing daylight feel.

5. Choosing and Placing Lighting for Functionality:

  • Height Matters: Pendant lights? Aim for 30 to 36 inches above surfaces. Wall sconces? About 5 to 6 feet up.
  • Avoiding Shadows: Especially vital in bathrooms and kitchens. Position lights to prevent unwanted shadows.
  • Feature Highlights: Accent lighting can emphasize unique architectural elements.

6. The Versatility of Dimmers: Placing an emphasis on mood lighting

Dimmers are a game-changer, allowing mood shifts from vibrant gatherings to relaxed evenings.

7. Exploring Bulb Varieties:

Each bulb type, from LEDs to halogens, offers distinct advantages. Find the one that aligns with your room’s functionality.

8. Decorative and Functional:

Light fixtures can be both useful and decorative centerpieces. From chandeliers to unique lamps, they can elevate a room’s design.


The art of choosing and placing lighting for functionality is transformative. Beyond mere illumination, it’s about enhancing experiences and setting the right mood. As you consider your next lighting choice, remember it’s more than just a fixture; it’s an ambiance creator. Let’s light up our spaces!

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