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Week Two and Three – Main Bedroom Refresh

May 23, 2021

Slow and Steady Progress!

I’m here and really trying to be patient. You see, over the years I had to work on my “perfectionism” and let it go. I’ve learned it really just comes from a place of fear. Instead, I have to trust that my progress is how I achieve my goals, hit my standards  and succeed. This ORC challenge is testing me! Slow steps toward the goal are making me truly uphold these lessons.

Mood Board

In the design process, we start with inspiration and then create our concept board. This was presented in Week 1. My inspiration started with a wallpaper book. I had to narrow it down to the final three. Once I did, I started to pull the beautiful fabrics to coordinate with the paper.

During this first week, I selected all my furniture really paying attention to lead times. If you are in the industry or just following along in the furniture world, you know that the concept of supply and demand from your Economics class is in full swing!  

My first no-brainer must go to the vendor we use often in our design projects: Barnes Custom Upholstery would be the first online stop. This company exclusively sells to interior designers and has an incredible lead time in this crazy world right now. This furniture is impeccably made from all American materials,  using eight-way hand-tied hardwood frames, hand-cut, hand-matched patterns, and house-made spring down cushions. Not only is this furniture cozy and comfortable, it is truly customized for our clients’ needs!   

Once the furniture from Barnes was selected and the fabric for each piece was determined, I was able to move onto the case goods, AKA dressers, nightstands and tables. Check out the mood board from week one below.

Line Drawn Images from Barnes Custom Upholstery

Line Drawn Images from Barnes Custom Upholstery


Week two was really slow! Trades were throwing curveballs and we were wading through it all. But, during that time, we rendered the space to really see it come alive. This has become a crucial step to the process of Jennifer Lynn Interiors. Check it out!

Barnes Bench and Bed Rendered

Barnes Bench and Bed Rendered

Barnes Bed

Barnes Bed

This Barnes Bench will be gorgeous!

This Barnes Bench will be gorgeous!

We are all in need of extra desks these days!

We are all in need of extra desks these days!


Week Three we started to see things moving forward as all of our orders were submitted and completed. Now I cross my fingers and pray to the furniture Gods it all comes through in time.  The purchasing and ordering phase is very detailed. This isn’t as simple as purchasing an online item. Our pieces are customized with fabric choices that are unique, finishes that are not generic, and small design elements added to each piece to make them special. For example, the headboard will be this beautiful light blue fabric with a fuscia welt detail that is lining the frame. I get a little gitty when I think about that combo!

Now as things were ordered, things began to arrive. Yes, I said slow and steady progress! Items did arrive quickly and we really have been doing well with our lighting deliveries and wallpaper deliveries this year! The wallpaper from Thibaut arrived first.  And on Friday, our light fixture from one of our amazing vendors, Hudson Valley Lighting arrived as well.  


archie light.jpeg



As this blog post reveals, the progress has been slow and steady. We finally were able to lock down a painter and wallpaper installer last week. Luckily, that is the most tedious part of this challenge. I bet you’re asking why my husband and I are not doing the work, right? Well, in a nutshell, many, many years ago we painted our old house together. It did not go well and resulted in many arguments. During the argument my husband said that he will never paint again, so my response was fine, but when I want to hire someone you will never argue with me about it! And that is how we roll with our projects now. It has worked over the past 17 years, so why challenge it now?!?


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As we have entered Week four, I’m hoping to nail down an electrician and empty out my bedroom to be prepared for the painter to arrive. We will also be ordering a mattress and selling our existing furniture. Lastly, I have to finalize my art selections and rug for the floor. It is finally feeling real! Thanks for following along this crazy journey!

Stylishly Yours,



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  1. says:

    Love that wallpaper, Jennifer! It’s going to be such a vibrant space when you are through!

  2. Deborah Top-Newell says:

    Beautiful Selections so far!!

  3. Anne DeCocco says:

    That fuschia welt is going to be such a nice touch!

  4. Sheri Bruneau says:

    Your renderings are stunning so I know your space is going to be so beautiful! Your wallpaper choice is just….ahhhhhh!

    I totally get your comment about doing the work with the Mister. We have the same rule. While we do work well together, my frustration levels go through the roof as work is not completed in a timely fashion. Now, he gets out of work and I call in our trusted trades to get it done. Seems to work for us too!

    I’ll be following along!

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