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Our Main Bedroom Refresh

May 8, 2021

ORC Spring 2021 Week 1

So can you believe it’s here? The last spring challenge feels like it was only a couple of months ago, but seriously, all of 2020 feels like a blur. I have been looking forward to doing the One Room Challenge with the official media partner, Better Home and Gardens again this year, but I was caught off guard a little. See, I was all set to do our dining room this time around. But my adoring husband reminded me of our intent to redo the windows in that space come this summer.  


Spring 2020 ORC - Tween Refresh

Spring 2020 ORC – Tween Refresh


When my husband served me a curveball regarding the 2021 Challenge, I almost decided to bow out this round, but after my internal pep talk, I told myself that is not my style. Instead, I did an about-turn and went with our Main Bedroom!


Messy Before Pic

Messy Before Pic


Goals and Vision

Let’s discuss the vision and goals for this space. Working with my clients, I approach the project first by establishing the ultimate goal and the the different objectives I will achieve to meet that goal. The teacher in me never leaves, so let’s do the same for my Main Bedroom.

First and foremost, brightening up the space is the ultimate goal!  The room is in the north section of our house. The sunlight never directly enters through the one window. So to help achieve this goal, I have set forth finding materials that are light, fresh and soft. I will be using a white with a green undertone that will play nicely with the additional layers of texture and color in the space. Check out the color below:



Next goal focuses on infusing some of my favorite colors into the space. Why?  Simple, this last year was critical in teaching us how important our family and homes are to our well being. While using our home to the fullest, we learned where it truly needed improvements. Our home had spaces where we gathered to watch movies, play games, eat meals and work. What was missing for me was a place to retreat. A special place to call my own, a place I could retreat to as well not feel guilty for having a home where we can function together and separately with greater harmony and enjoyment as a family. When I stopped to evaluate my space, my bedroom, it fell short! To achieve this goal, objectively, we will be using greens, blues and pinks throughout the space. The room will have pattern and texture layered in to keep the happy feeling of relaxation and beauty. It will be my ultimate place to unwind.

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Our last goal is more practical, of course. We have lived in our home for 10 years. We knew we wanted to upgrade our bedroom shortly after moving in, but life took over and we are looking at the same space we did when we moved in. Every year we say we were going to make the changes and every year we get sidetracked! Thankfully, I decided to use the challenge as a way to push us forward, FINALLY!

My guess is you want an overview of what we are going to do, right? Here it is! I have put together a mood board of what our main objectives will be to achieve all of our goals. We will be keeping some existing items in the room, but 98% of it is going. The beautiful hickory floors and fireplace will be staying as well as the window treatments. Everything else goes!


Concept Board - ORC Spring 2021

Concept Board – ORC Spring 2021


Our objectives include:

  • New upholstered bed

  • New nightstands

  • New chairs

  • New bench

  • New rug

  • New desk

  • New dresser

  • New lighting

  • New Art

  • New wallpaper!

I truly believe home is your place to unwind and to be unapologetically yourself. We all need a sanctuary where we can decompress and recharge. Having spaces to retreat to that are filled with colors, textures, and objects you love and that reflect your personality is important for your well-being, your happiness, and even your productivity and creativity. Being able to come home to a place that’s just for you and that celebrates who you are is one of the most beneficial experiences you can give yourself.

Be sure to stay tuned each week and watch the progress of my perfect retreat within my busy home of five!

Stylishly Yours,



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  1. Lisa Peck says:

    A sanctuary at home is so important. I honestly think you are lucky you had to pivot away from the dining room and can make a special place just for you and your husband.

  2. Janet says:

    What a pretty plan! I can wait to follow along. I am a bit jealous you have a fireplace in your bedroom – how lucky! 🙂

  3. Debi Newell says:

    This will turn into one beautiful bedroom!

  4. Leslie Carothers says:

    I’m so glad you didn’t give up, Jennifer, but – instead – used the #ORC as a time to finally do what you need for self care. I can’t wait to follow along and then to see it all finished!

  5. Suzi Rugg says:

    I loved following your teen room for 2020, can’t wait for the result for this retreat!

  6. Vinny Nugent says:

    Best of luck, Jennifer!

  7. Sheri Bruneau says:

    Ooooo weeeeee, I can hardly wait to see the transformation! I’ll be following along every week!

  8. Paige Boutilier says:

    Where do you buy the stuff

    • Jennifer Tampasis says:

      We buy items all over. We have created strong business relationships with manufactures to bring the best style to our clients

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