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How to Optimize Your Outdoor Space!

Aug 3, 2021

Decorating your outdoor space entails more than just positioning furniture. Whether decorating an outdoor patio, porch or pool, here are some tips to enhance your outdoor space this summer.

With outdoor patios privacy can be a concern and a deterrent from using space with regularity. How can you enjoy the outdoors while still maintaining your privacy? This can be done inexpensively and effectively by hanging curtains. By placing curtains the space will feel open but sheltered.

Also, having multifunctional furniture is key. Moveable footstools and floor cushions are a great option that allow for additional seating if needed. Having chairs that also act as loungers is another multifunctional piece of furniture that helps consolidate space.

With any outdoor porch, lighting is key. By hanging lights on the roof there are no wires to trip over and lights can be turned on and off by an inside light switch, with some set of lights even being solar powered. If adding more color to your porch is something you want to explore then adding plants and flowers is an easy way to do so. Plants and flowers can be placed almost anywhere, even vertically on frieze beams or on the ceiling of a porch.

When it comes to owning a pool, the pool shape and pool decor are equal in importance. Asking yourself how you want the space to look and how space is going to be used is crucial in getting the most use out of your pool. If poolside dining is important, investing in a large enough table is something to consider. If the pool is going to be used for cocktail parties, placing a bar and or bar cart may be important to your pool. If you want to primarily enjoy the sun while in the pool and not while hanging outside, then buying pool umbrellas is a good investment.

outdoor pool furniture .jpeg

When it comes to pool furniture something to keep in mind is that metal furniture is going to get very hot during the summer months. A popular style of furniture that is coming back in style is Rattan. Coming in a variety of colors, Rattan is comfortable, lightweight and can fit any theme with dozens of colors to choose from.

Lastly, when it comes to pool furniture, buying durable and light furniture is key. This way your furniture will last against all weather and be easy to move around. This allows you to have the freedom to change the look of your pool during the season and to easily move it inside during the off-season.

Decor adds to the uniqueness of your outdoor space. Hopefully, these tips and tricks add to your summer experience.



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