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ORC – The Final Reveal!

Jul 17, 2020

Whew! I can’t believe we can all finally say, today I can completely share the big reveal! This has been a very eventful eight weeks and so many factors getting in the way of crossing the finish line for so many. But we did it! The One Room Challenge has been an amazing community of support and encouragement.  

Before I start to show off our room, I want to give a HUGE thank you to Linda Weinstein, creator of the One Room Challenge and media sponsor Better Homes and Gardens for continuing to provide this platform! Despite many adversities, the event was moved along with grace and respect for all that participated. Please be sure to go check out all of the featured designers and guest participants, here!


Untitled design.png


If you haven’t followed along, here’s a look at my progress from week to week.

Week 1 / Week 2 / Week 3/ Week 4week 5 , 6 & 7

I can’t tell you guys how excited I am for this transformation! Chloe needed a sanctuary so she could take time to decompress. This space went from disorganized, cluttered, and messy to a fun, vibrant and elegant space for any tween!

First things first, let’s review what the room looked liked and how we transformed it over the 8 weeks! I have to at least show you how far this room has come. Chloe is so pleased with the final outcome!



Our next step was to take Chloe’s wishes, as well as mine and create a space that she would love!

Jennifer Lynn Interiors 3D Rendering

Jennifer Lynn Interiors 3D Rendering

We took this messy, cluttered bedroom and created a warm sanctuary for Chloe to unwind, decompress and enjoy for years to come as she continues to grow! Check out the whole reveal in the video below and be ready for us to knock your socks off!

The Details

One thing I wanted for this space was for it to reflect who Chloe is and will continue to be as she grows into the space. Taking the love of rainbows and polka dots is a tough recipe that will translate to a one day 16 year old. But it was a challenge I was ready to conquer. I truly wanted this room to feel classic and clean yet warm and inviting. I love how the pops of pink, blue and touches of rainbow colors make this room feel vibrant. 

Photography by Bill Maouris

Photography by Bill Maouris

We wanted to really showcase the vendors we work with on a regular basis while furnishing Chloe’s room. First, the fabrics are brilliant, energetic and such a perfect touch. The ottomans, the pillows, the roman shade and the gorgeous Helga blue chair is all from Fabricut

Photography by: Bill Maouris

Photography by: Bill Maouris

Photography by: Bill Maouris

Photography by: Bill Maouris

There are so many fun elements to this space that I can’t choose just one. If you follow me on Instagram, you know we had the built-in constructed by Marty from Hudson Valley Handyman.  He is an intricate part of our team at Jennifer Lynn Interiors. This was a MUST have for Chloe, and she was right! They are just a perfect addition to help contain her clutter.

Our furniture really helped soften the space with the gorgeous curves that are smooth and delicate. The curves are always exceptional and eye-catching in ways that make it very desirable. We work closely with Universal Furniture in our design plans and the pieces always shine in our photography.

Photography by: Bill Maouris

Photography by: Bill Maouris

Another fun aspect we incorporated throughout the design was the polka dots. We really were creative in how we applied it around the room. Be sure to look at the carpet, pom-poms and lighting throughout the space!

Photography by: Bill Maouris

Photography by: Bill Maouris

Photography by: Bill Maouris

Photography by: Bill Maouris

So friends, what do you think? I’d love to know your thoughts down in the comments below. Be sure to hop over to Instagram and check out all of the highlights if you are just catching up now. Looking forward to the next round of the One Room Challenge in the fall. What should I do next?

Jennifer Tampasis - Owner of Jennifer Lynn InteriorsPhotography by: Bill Maouris

Jennifer Tampasis – Owner of Jennifer Lynn Interiors

Photography by: Bill Maouris

And thank you so much for following along on my ORC journey and watching this amazing room transformation!

Stylishly yours,



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  1. Mary Chenevert says:

    Looks gorgeous, Jen!! Chloe is a lucky girl!! You are so talented!!

  2. Wendy says:

    It came out SO good! Gorgeous!!! I love all the details!

  3. Deborah Main says:

    WOW Jennifer, congratulations!!! I have followed along during the ORC so I knew about the wallpaper and bookcase. But to see in your fantastic video how all the details and colors connect to create this calming beautiful bedroom is wonderful. I’m also happy to see Chloe happy in her new bedroom. 🙂 You did an awesome job!! It’s so pretty!!

  4. Jana Donohoe says:

    Jennifer it turned out darling. I am sure your daughter is in heaven! Congratulations.

  5. Agatha P says:

    Good readding this post

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