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5 Smart & Beautiful Finds for a Happy, Healthy Home

Feb 12, 2020

jennifer lynn interiors smart beautiful home trends 2020 interiors kingstown RI

Just a couple of weeks ago, I had a very unique opportunity to attend KBIS (the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) as part of the Modenus Designhounds Influencer team.

During the event, a lovely host of sponsors treated us to a week of fabulous dining, education and exhibition… and now I get to share it all with you!

In our time touring, we really dove into investigating vendors from around the country, and around the world. 

Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at what we saw, learned, and loved…


Our first stop was Compac, a company from Spain whose natural stone slabs are simply GORGEOUS.


Compac offers stone slabs in quartz, marble, petra, and obsidian. They custom-make all their products by hand with these natural materials, and the fine craftsmanship is obvious!


Compac reforested over 30,000 trees to compensate for the CO2 impact of gathering the materials used for their beautiful stone. In their workroom, they use electrical power that is 100% renewable, and they reuse 95% of all water used in the polishing and cleaning process. That’s responsibility!


The tub!! It was so impactful and molded to the exact specifications needed — plus our team had such a jazzy time in there!! 


compac stone tub jennifer lynn interiors custom designed for home



Our 2nd stop was Thermador, where we were treated to a cocktail party with Aperol Spritzers (all the rage in Italy!) and a fun learning sesh.


The Thermador product line is ah-mazing. They offer smart home technology with plenty of customization available. There are also a series of really cool apps that connect to their products and make them extra easy and enjoyable to use. It was impressive!


Thermador’s slogan is “You Do You” — which is something I say to my oldest daughter on the daily! Safe to say they won some points with me, and I snapped a photo on the spot to send her way. 😉


thermador espresso machine kbis kitchen technology design boss lady

sign you do you wall art kbis 2020 design trends thermador ny



The glassware dishwasher! This amazing little power washer would be fabulous for entertaining, especially behind a home bar after (or during) a night of cocktails and good times. I’m getting all dreamy just thinking about the possibilities! Their coffee machine and induction stove tops were impressive too.    


thermador glassware dishware cocktail bar in home vrbo entertaining design kingstown ny




Nobilia offers whole-home integrated technology with a focus on wellness and sustainability — which caters to Millennials and Boomers! I know, I didn’t think these generations would ever agree on anything, but it looks like they’ve done it. 😉


Nobilia’s products prioritize space-saving design for efficiency and design that helps you “live in place,” in other words, to age like the fine wines we are and feel cared for and supported by our homes!


We love how their furniture is durable, movable, and comes with integrated lighting. No need for new electrical wiring!

contemporary kitchen design wood integrated lighting bar top cabinets design trends

contemporary design shelving integrated lighting space efficient kingstown ny

Mr. Steam



Mr. Steam treated us to an evening of delicious and healthy food at the Borgata. Over tapas, we learned the healing effects of steam in our daily lives.


Mr. Steam’s products bring the spa experience into our homes as part of their commitment to wellness-driven design.


Mr. Steam shared that holistic health is a process and ongoing experience that steam helps in every way:

  • Destressing and detoxifying

  • Reducing inflammation (like after a hard morning spin class!)

  • Stimulating good health through better breathing

  • Getting quality, restful sleep (yes please, and thank you!)


Steam! And feeling mentally and physically zen…



Smart home technology! Control4 offers one clean and easy app that controls function, comfort, security, lighting, audio, thermo, video, climate, and temperature!

control 4 smart home technology vrbo vacation homes kingstown ny


Control4’s tech mixes and mingles with other common home tech, like Apple TV, Alexa, Google, etc. They all play together! 

It’s also super easy to control with a customizable wall keypad, portable touch screens, Neeo remote, TV, phone, and more. This is tech in full force for a simplified life… and more free time to focus on the people we love.


That new builds, remodels, and even renters (crazy!) can use this technology. This makes it smart for your own home AND for those VRBOs and vacation homes our clients are loving! Genius.



Together, these 5 brands and their wide variety of smart and beautiful products will support your happiest and healthiest home. If you have questions about any of these, feel free to ask in the comments or send me a note — happy to share more!

In our next post, I’m going to dive into some of the aesthetic trends I saw at KBIS and how I predict them taking off in 2020!

Until then… stay stylish, my friends!



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