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Transforming Your Space With Accessories

Jan 27, 2017

Photo credit: Wicker Paradise via / CC BY

Choosing accessories for your home can be very overwhelming. There are so many things to consider. Do you need artwork, decor pieces, or pillow throws? And then there is thinking about color, how much do I need, do these things coordinate? I get it! I hear these questions all the time. There are many different ways to approach finishing your space with accessories.

Step One:

Think seasonally! I am not talking about flooding your home with hearts becuase Valentine’s Day is around the corner. But adding touches of pink can make the space feel festive and not be obnoxious. A perfect way to do that is use a simple white vase and add pink flowers; real or faux. It adds that seasonal touch in a sophisticated way. Plus, that white vase is simple and can be reused throughout the year!

Step Two:

Think small! When putting your space together, it is common to think of large furniture you need in there. Do not neglect the small pieces. For instance, a stool is a piece of furniture that can be used as added seating, a place to rest a tray or to rest your weary feet. Stools can be placed in many areas of a room. They do not need to only rest in front of a chair! Have fun with this piece and let it show its flexibility!

Step Three:

Pillow fight! No, not really, but pillows are an easy inexpensive way to transform your space. Pile them on! They add punches of color, pattern and texture to your room. The sofas and chairs will be dressed up just by adding a pillow. Also, it is easy to figure out what colors you like in a space and what really just doesn’t work for you!

Step Four: 

Be an artist! No, you do not have to take out a paintbrush and create a masterpiece. When choosing your decor pieces, think like an artist. Choose pieces with similar colors. Display them in groupings, put like things together to create a focus.  

Step Five:

Be selective! The pieces you display, you have to love! Too many times you walk into a home and there are decor pieces everywhere. It may not feel put together. So, the rule of thumb is to keep out only about 20% of your decor pieces. There is nothing wrong with changing things out. Just remember, it all doesn’t have to be out. Keep it clean, simple and the impact will be more profound.  

Let’s hear from you! What are you concerned about with your decor choices? Let me know in the comments below.

Check out some fun decor pieces! Each piece can be added to others or used alone to stand out! See a piece you love? Go ahead, click and you can check it out more! Does the idea of choosing and arranging accessories overwhelm you? Let me help! Check out my service here.


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