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Mood Board Monday: Laid-Back Luxe Master Bedroom

May 16, 2016

Let’s create a retreat in your home! Mood Board created with items from One Kings Lane and

Here in New York we have had some crazy, unpredictable crappy weather. March has been seasonably warm, and undoubtedly a mind-teaser. April and May has brought snow and freezing weather. So naturally, I think about warmer places to escape the gloomy weather and thoughts. My favorite places to escape to are warm, sandy, blue and green luxurious retreats. In my happy place, I have my feet in the warm, cream and beige sand. The sun is hot and bursting with color. The water is gorgeous colors of blue with lush greenery all around. Well, enough of my daydreaming. My reality is that it is cold in New York. Instead, I will think about creating a warm, laid-back luxe Master Bedroom. I will use the colors and feelings to create that retreat I can escape to daily. Are you ready to escape?

To begin, adding beautiful linen and cream colors to the mood board create a palette to accent and create the laid back feel we want to achieve. This emulates the beachy feel we daydream about in our happy place. The linen upholstered bed from One Kings Lane is luxurious. To compliment the bed, adding a dresser and nightstand from One Kings Lane in the same color palette continues the airy feel of the space. In the laid-back luxe Master Bedroom, simple white linens to keep the room clean and sophisticated.

A laid-back feeling is continued with the comforting blues. This will really help set the tone of the room. A beachy resort must have warm, blue water to gaze at daily. The pillows are amazing patterns and textures. The solid, velvety pillow grounds the two pillows with pattern and texture. These pieces can be found at One Kings Lane as well. To add a fun, warm sunny mood to our retreat, using pops of orange is necessary. This color is subtle and evokes the warmth needed. The orange hues can be found in the floral accent, the artwork and the throw pillow. Perfection!

A luxe bedroom needs glam, but it doesn’t need to be overstated. The gold table lamp with a marble base is an unexpected way to add luxury to your space. Then, to balance the table lamp, using a gold floor lamp by the blue slipper chair continues the glamour in the space. This is all done subtly to bring in just enough luxe without overpowering the laid-back feeling of our daily retreat.  

Creating a laid-back luxe Master Bedroom retreat is perfect way to beat the Monday blues. Pick your happy place, think of the colors, feeling, tone of that place and let me help you recreate your happy place in your home. You too can retreat daily and feel warm and relaxed!  


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