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4 Simple Solutions to Freshen Up Your Home Today

Apr 15, 2020

It’s here, it’s Spring and we are in a place where we want to see change, big and small.  Your mind can’t help but flood with images of blooming tulips and daisies, gleaming sunshine and a home bursting with spring flavor.

You’ve already got the fever, my friend, the fever for a change in decor. Weary of the dark, drabness of the winter months and quarantine life, you’re itching for the light, energetic mood of the spring season. But who has the bandwidth or the bucks?

Check out the FOUR simple improvements below to freshen up your home today!


Are your walls all cluttered with stagnant artwork? Do you hang up every art and photo you own? Do you have family pictures all over the walls? Art and Pictures truly make a house a home. But, over time you can get used to seeing them and they can sometimes become boring. Here are a few ways you can mix it up!




  • Create spring and winter piles of all your photos and artwork. Edit these items and rotate them out twice a year (just like you do with clothing). This will instantly update your home in a flash! Added bonus, you get to re-enjoy your pieces with excitement when you make the swap and will never tire of your displays.

  • Whenever you get bored, swap the photos or pictures in frames on your wall. This is an easy and quick way of freshening up your home without the need to get the paint out! Plus, it allows you to update the photos to more recent memories. Your kids will appreciate that for sure!

  • Try using photo ledges to place your photo frames on. These allow you to place several pictures next to each other which you can swap around easily as there is no need to make any holes in the wall. They can also be used to put candles, plants or reed diffusers on.


For an instant shake up, take a moment and think about how you can rearrange your furniture. Just by swapping the location of a chair or table can make the room look different, can make a room look bigger and also has the benefit of stopping your carpet becoming too run down in certain areas from where the furniture has sat for a long time. Think about the four benefits below when rearranging your sofa and chairs.




Swap things out

Just because your sofa has been in your living room for years doesn’t mean it always has to be there. Take stock of what items you can steal from other rooms that will give you a better space than what you had before. Pull something out of the China cabinet to put on display, separate a finished-edge sectional couch into multiple rooms or turn an unused eating space into a seating area for hosting. “Shopping” at your home can help you make better use of what you already own and breathe new life into your space without breaking the bank.

Create more space

By moving furniture into new areas of a room can create more space for your home. This can optimize your flow and functionality. So push that sofa against a wall in a small apartment, edit out a side chair and use it in a different room, as long as you’re are maintaining the purpose of each space then you are being purposeful in your home. Remember, you never know when creating more space in one room will help you get more function out of another room. You might not know what will work until you give it a try, but be sure to take traffic flow patterns into consideration before moving anything around. You don’t want to block the natural flow of the room, which will only result in increased frustrations and a need to rework the space again.

Lengthen the life of your floors

Placing furniture in the same spot for years on end can leave your carpet or flooring with damage. Large, heavy pieces of furniture can leave dents or imprints on the floors and walking around these pieces can cause wear and tear to your flooring too.

Have you ever moved a piece of furniture and thought “so that’s what color it used to be!” Moving your furniture around gives you a chance to complete a deep clean and reduce fading on your flooring and furniture.

Keep things clean

Rearranging your furniture doesn’t only allow you to discover what the floor used to look like, it also gives you a chance to do a deep clean. Over time, dust and dirt collect behind and under your furniture. Even if you put it all back in the same space, moving your furniture a few times throughout the year gives you an opportunity to vacuum and wash the floors, reducing allergens in your home.


If you have a little shopping fever while sitting in your home and your room needs an uplift, add some brightly colored cushions and a matching throw for an instant makeover. It’s really quick and easy to do, making such a visual impact, whilst saving you time and money on decorating the entire room. Once you get bored of that color, you can simply change it again! Keeping the walls a neutral color means that you can change the color schemes easily.





It’s always good to do a regular decluttering, but usually, it’s something we avoid at all costs. We have time on our side right now, so take it and update your home with a deep dive into decluttering. The trick is to be brutal. You do the same thing for every room, create bins to help with sorting: keep, donate, sell, throw away or recycle. In terms of clothes, if you haven’t worn something in over a year, you obviously don’t love it that much. These things are taking up precious space in your wardrobe and could be used by someone else. Once it’s gone, you are more than likely going to forget you ever owned it. When decluttering any room in your home, think about whether or not you really need it or if it’s just collecting dust. Once you’ve decided, do one of the following:




  • Tidy it away. It sounds simple but just by putting everything away can make a room look fresher and make you feel better. With clothes, try the Marie Kondo method.

  • Donate – There are many charities out there which will take your unwanted clothes which can really help others. Also ask around to see if you have friends that want anything.

  • Sell – Why not try and make some money from it?

  • Throw Away – If none of the other options are suitable then it’s time to say goodbye and move on.

  • Recycle – This bin is for items that need to be recycled, such as paper, plastic or glass.


Whether you’re itching to make a change or adjusting for the seasons, rearranging your furniture and decor can make your home feel like an entirely brand new space. Your options are limited only to what you can easily move and what can reasonably fit in each room, so grab your tape measures and notebook and get to planning your rejuvenated home.


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