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How to Cozy Up Your Home with Rugs

Nov 4, 2019

You’ve seen beautiful rugs in homes all over Pinterest and Instagram, but what’s so great about rugs anyway? And how can you get the look for yourself?

Well, since you asked, here’s why we love them…

  • Rugs last for-ever and help protect those beautiful floors of yours

  • They add instantly coziness, elegance, and timeless character

  • Quality rugs actually appreciate value over time!

And I have more for you where that came from! But first, a quick update from our studio in Kingston…


We’ve officially moved to our new office! It has TRIPLE the space (we’re still growing!), and of course, we’re decking it out in pretty and inspiring decor that will keep us working at our best for our clients. Follow us on Instagram to see our office updates!

We also welcomed our newest team member, Sacha! This talented lady comes to JLI with an Interior Design degree, 13 years of experience in the industry, and firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to live with a little one in the house. 😉

I’ll be introducing you to Sacha (and her love of Swedish fish) in a future blog post, so keep an eye out for her. We’ll be taking on an intern this month, too! 

These updates absolutely fill me with excitement. A year or two ago, I never could have imagined JLI would be where it is today. Thank you so much for being part of our journey and helping us make it all happen!

Alright, let’s talk about these awesome rugs now, shall we? 

1. Use rugs to create rooms within open-concept spaces

I’ll start with this example, because we recently finished an open concept space that uses precisely this technique. (Remember the Modern Farmhouse Before & After Reveal?)


If you use this technique, make sure that at least the two front feet of your furniture are firmly planted on the rug. If they are entirely off the rug, your rug will appear to be floating in the middle of the room.

modern-farmhouse-elegant-casual-timeless-cozy-kingstown-interior-design-12401-beautiful-patterned rug

2. Unites a dining room table and chairs

Another great place for a rug is in your dining room. It instantly softens the space and adds a touch of timeless elegance. Again, you’ll want the full table and at least two chair legs on the rug for it to look properly sized. 

3. Framing for the end of beds

Adding an area rug to your bedroom can achieve several things at once: it grounds your furniture, gives your toes something soft to sink into on cold mornings, and protects your floors!

beautiful patterned rug vrbo kingstown ny pale navy pink jennifer lynn interiors

Planting all four corners of the bed on the rug offers maximum plushiness for the toes!

jennifer lynn interiors modern farmhous oriental graphic rug in earthy tones ochre red navy

Positioning the rug toward the end of the bed adds interest — we can see more of that beautiful pattern!

4. Soft rug for warming up floors (especially the bathroom!)

You roll out of bed on a NY winter morning, trudge sleepily to the bathroom, and then feel the shock of bare toes on cold tile! Yikes! Maybe you like that icy wake-up call… but maybe you don’t. Add a rug, and your toes will have a new BFF.

jennifer-lynn-interior-design-textured-cozy-rug-living room-kingstown-interior-design-12401

Here’s one your toes will love!


Mmm… cozy. 🙂

5. Cozy, elegant factor in your family & living rooms

I mentioned open-concept spaces in #1, but even traditional family and living rooms can benefit from a gorgeous area rug. They introduce a layer of comfort, elegance, and timelessness that will make you wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!



6. Runner rugs in the kitchen for a lengthening effect

Adding a rug to your kitchen can look spectacular when done right. The most conducive kitchen shape for a runner rug is — you guessed it — long. In these spaces, the rug can offer warmth and a lengthening effect that’s pretty darn pleasing on the eyes.

7. Use rugs to tie your design together

This one has less to do with placement and more to do with the harmonizing effects of rugs. Because rugs come in various patterns and colors, you can use them to unify the other colors in the room!


The golden, cream, and blue shades in the rug patterns harmonizes similar tones throughout the rest of the room!

jennifer-lynn-kingstown-interior-design-12401-soft-red-cream-rug-elegant-open concept family room

Deep rose and beige tie together the rose accents and warm woods throughout the room.

7 is a good number of tips, don’t you think? The options are endless, so if you’re really interested in getting a rug into your space, go soak up some more inspiration or call in a design professional to help you select the perfect size, pattern, and colors for space.

Your eyes (and toes!) will thank you. 🙂 

Stylishly yours,



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  1. Kim Carpino says:

    Wow! That white couch and area rug (#5) are soooo beautiful together! Love this!

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