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Friday Field Trip: Art & Decor at Water Street Market

Sep 3, 2019

Today’s post starts with… trivia time! Can you answer this question correctly? What profession did I, Jennifer Tampasis, work in before becoming an interior designer?

A) Nursing

B) Teaching

C) Marketing

If you said B, you’re right! (Did the exam-like question give it away?) 

Though I’ve spent the last almost 5 years designing homes for busy families around Kingston, my former career in teaching is still a large part of who I am and how I run my business. It’s the motivation behind my collaborative approach to design, my extra compassionate guiding hand during the process, and…

Friday field trips!


What is Jennifer Lynn Interiors’ Friday Field Trip?

Ahhh, field trips. Remember those glorious childhood days when you’d clamber aboard a yellow bus with your classmates and set out on an adventure? Those were the days!

As our team grew earlier this year, I knew I wanted to create a tradition for us that held just as much anticipation, excitement, and exploration for us… design exploration, that is.

Say hello to Friday Field Trip! 

We schedule a Friday Field Trip once per month to get out of the office, explore and take a break. During this time we will check out local venues, stores and workshops. At times, we’ll even hit those big retail stores to see what’s around. 

As we explore, we have our clients’ projects in the forefront of our minds, searching for any unique pieces that we can swoop up for their homes.

But the best part of these trips is that they’ve become inspirational fuel — we return to the office feeling invigorated, refreshed and full of creative energy!


Friday Field Trip: Water Street Market

One of our latest field trips included a drive to New Paltz, where we walked along Water Street Market. If you’ve never been there before, it’s an adorable European-inspired shopping market, with architecture slightly reminiscent of Germany and Austria.

We walked through the town, had a little lunch at The Cheese Plate, and browsed art and decor to our heart’s content! Our favorite finds were accessories, small furniture accents, case goods, and plenty of antiques.

We hit Antiques on Main and Maglyn’s Dream, to name a couple!

Our Favorite Local Art & Decor Finds













Some of these accessories even made it into a client’s home!



Well there you have it — a whole lot of inspiration just for you. 🙂 

So, where should we go next?! Do you have any suggestions? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Stylishly yours,



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