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Everything You Need to Know about the Interior Design Process

May 13, 2019

You’ve seen the home makeover shows. You know the value of interior design. Now you’re ready for your real-life fairy tale…

But not so fast!

The amazing, teary-eyed-with-joy design reveal? That part’s real. The “do it all for you so you don’t have to interrupt your busy life” part? Also very real.

The “quick chat + 24/7 renovation + unveiling a week later” part? Well.. you might be in for a surprise…

Today I’m spilling the details on what the design process really looks like!


Our 10-Step Interior Design Process

While every designer’s process might be a little different, I guarantee that the foundation is the same. It’s simply the best way to create a successful, efficient, and stress-free project. Here’s how ours goes…

Step 1: Design Consultation

We go into great depth about this jam-packed discovery and design strategy session in another post. Read more about our design consultations here.

Step 2: Scope of Work, Payment Options & Contract

We’ll break down the scope of work into two approaches and offer payment options for each. You’ll be able to choose the option that works best for you. We’ll send over our standard contract once a decision has been reached.

Reality Check! Scope is one of those hidden secrets on design shows, because interior design is like a big puzzle — EVERY design decision affects something else in the home. Rest assured that we are looking at every angle and doing everything we can to preserve the quality and integrity of the spaces we design in your home.


Step 3: Concept Boards

We’ll get a feel for your design aesthetic through a combo of our design questionnaire and your Pinterest boards. Then we’ll send over some concept boards to see which resonates best with you!

Here are a couple examples…



Step 4: Products & Budget Estimator

After settling on a concept, we’ll source product options for your home, complete with budget estimator. We do prioritize products of quality and longevity (so we can stand behind our work!), but we also know that the best spaces are a combination of making smart investments and saving elsewhere.

We’ll give you options for both and you get to choose exactly which pieces will end up in your home!

Reality Check! Home makeover shows receive endless product donations that allow them to keep project costs down (and give the rest of us unrealistic expectations). If there’s a product you’re dying to have in your home, be sure to do some research so you don’t get sticker shock!




Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 10.00.27 AM.png



Step 5: The Proposal

Once we have your product selections, we’ll send you the full design proposal for your home: floor plan, design work, product sourcing, furniture costs, finishes, and any contractor involvement. We’ll share the whole beautiful picture with you in a 1-2 hour presentation.

We’ll make up to two rounds of revisions based on your feedback.


Step 6: Project Launch!

We’ll start Phase I of your project. We’ll send a Project Newsletter to you each Friday with a recap of what we worked on, what is outstanding, and what actions we might need from you.

Reality Check! I bet you thought your project would begin sooner than Step 6, right? Another common disconnect between TV and reality. But without a solid plan, you couldn’t have an efficient and successful project!


Step 7: Construction, Ordering, Tracking & Installation Planning

If there’s construction on your property, we’ll manage and oversee it. In the same time period, we’ll also be ordering your furnishings, tracking shipments (and adjusting when something gets backordered), and planning the installation.

Reality Check! On home makeover shows, you see teams working around the clock, sunup to sundown, and the project is done in a week flat… I wish!

In reality, even an efficient design project can take several months, sometimes 6 months to a year if you have major construction going on. Of course we’ll talk about your timeline in advance, but having realistic expectations is important!


Step 8: Install Day

You and your family spend the day out while we schedule white glove delivery and handymen to install art, drapery, or assemble furniture. (You’ll receive a binder of information on all your orders, so you can make your home last!)

Then our team comes in to style everything for the big reveal…


Step 9: Come Home to Your Dream Space

The moment you’ve been waiting for… return home to your fabulous new spaces! Expect lots of smiles, tears of joy, and plenty of happy dancing!

At this time, we’ll also give you our heartfelt Thank You Gift. We consider it an honor and privilege to be trusted with your home, and we can’t resist giving you a token of our appreciation!


Step 10: Home Photo Shoot

We’ll bring in our photographer to take photos of your newly designed space for our website. (Don’t worry, you’ll stay anonymous!) We love showing off our work, and this is an important part of keeping our business alive to serve more families around the Hudson Valley area!


So what do you think? Did you expect that SO MUCH went into the design process? What were the biggest surprises for you? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Stylishly yours,


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