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Style Watch: Everything We Loved at KBIS

Feb 27, 2019

Hello, hello! As promised, I am back in Kingston, fresh from KBIS! (The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show.) I can’t tell you how excited I am to share these finds with you.

If you’ve been following along with us on Instagram, you’ve seen a little sneak peek, but today’s post will include all of our favorites… and there’s a LOT of eye candy here!

So, cozy in your Lulus? Kids being entertained elsewhere? Then let’s dive on in.

The Money Room (A.K.A. Your Kitchen)

It’s no secret — kitchens sell homes. But whether you’ll sell eventually or have zero intention of ever leaving the 845, there’s no denying that kitchens are the heart of the home, too. It’s where families gather and entertain.

Here are a few kitchen scenes that didn’t fall short:


Love the thick, marble countertop. Love the creative backsplash. And those modern lights sparkle like gems!


Beautiful stone never goes out of style, and this kitchen “backsplash” (and then some) embraces it in a big way! Dreamyyyy.


Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

Ranges to Write Home About

Dazzling range hoods and appliances were a trend we spotted over and over again. Just because they’re functional doesn’t mean they can’t be part of the decor!



I just love the mix of metals, the use of matte stainless steel and brushed brass, and the way the simple cabinets and counter let these elements truly shine!



Here, we saw the reverse: matte gold and brushed stainless steel! It’s clear that matte and shine finishes are a pairing that’s on the rise this year.


This double range oven makes a bold statement. If you love an all-white kitchen, your oven could be the perfect place to splash some color.

Sinks We’re Crushing On


Yes, yes, and yes. Hammered metal sinks are all the rage right now, and we can’t deny the appeal. Simply stunning.



Okay, these sinks are another big YES in my book. These details make you want to lean in and say, “please, tell me more!” Understated, tasteful, and definitely a conversation-starter.



The opposite of understated? Bold! Granted, the fluorescents are creating the turquoise glow, but that silky shine and the intricate details make you look twice… or thrice…


Now that’s a beautiful piece of onyx. Completely different from the other sinks I’ve shown you, but effortlessly beautiful.

Sexy Mixed Metals

You’ve already seen several examples of mixed metals, but it was such a trend that I thought I’d show you a few more!



Again, we see matte + shine, but the added, detailed engraving takes these up a notch. Svelte and sophisticated. Yes, please.



Whoever said you couldn’t mix metals inside the burners? Apparently, no one! These dashes of gold are the perfect amount of elegant fun for a night of playing Julia Child.

Functional Surprises



We love function, and these neat cabinets didn’t disappoint. I love that both of these have lights inside AND pull/swivel out so you don’t have to do the “blind grab” to the back. Amen to no more spilled salt…


This outdoor kitchen had us dreaming of summer! Although… if I had a setup like this, I think I might even barbecue in late winter… or at least convince my husband Freddy to give it a try.


This little pet hideaway is so joyfully functional. Not only do you have a sink right there for cleanup (because let’s be honest, Fido needs it!), but you can also just pull out the bowls, fold up the sectional, and you can move freely without kicking the water dish!

Color Trends from KBIS

Gold and metallics were the most spottable color trend at KBIS this spring, but we also some saw great forest and emerald greens, some classy navy, and of course, plenty of white. Navy blue and darker greens pair effortlessly with gold, so no surprises there!




Emerald walls and rich forest green cabinets look even more alive with beautiful stone and touches of gold.

Drool-Worthy Bathroom & Kitchen Tile

My goodness gracious, there were a lot of incredible tile options at KBIS. I won’t show you all of them (or this post will be a novel), but it’s safe to say that tile is not going out of style anytime soon!



So many beautiful options!



Love tile creativity. A great backsplash or tile floor can completely transform a room and give it that “wow” factor!


Mosaic tiles (subtle variations of the same color) are really in right now. They create the feeling of texture and dimension — always interesting in a space.


If this was in my house, I don’t think I’d ever leave…

Speaking of never leaving, I’ll wrap this up now so you can get back to your busy life and wrangle up those mischief-makers. By now, they’ve probably gotten a little too quiet… 😉

Anyway, I hope this little KBIS tour has inspired you with some ideas for your own space, and thanks so much for joining me!

If you have a favorite from the event, tell us below — we love to hear from you.

‘Til next time,



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