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How did I get back here? I set goals and achieved them!

May 17, 2017




So today I am reflecting and finding my motivation from my past. Growing up I have always been (and still am) a very motivated, driven person. I set goals, I work hard and I achieve them. 

I can remember my biggest setback that took the wind out of my sail. I still see myself sitting on the end of my mother’s bed sobbing knowing all the hard work I put into my college degree was being questioned. When I first went to college, I decided to major in Spanish! 

I love learning languages, cultures and customs of different countries. As I grew up, we were always encouraged to become a teacher. The benefits were nicely presented to us. So, I took my love of culture and languages and decided to become a Spanish Teacher.  

It is 1997, I am crying telling my mother that I have realized, I do not want to teach Spanish. I really want to teach elementary school-aged kids. I am realizing this ONE month after graduating college.  

I felt defeated, failed and overwhelmed.  What the hell was I going to do now?

But, remember, I am motivated and driven….. So I did what came naturally to me, I found a new plan, a perfect solution to move forward. I went from Plan A to Plan B.  

I found a job teaching Spanish and art.  

There is my other confession, I am not formally trained in art, but it is a secret passion of mine that was ignited when I studied abroad in Spain. I took an Art History course that was phenomenal. The curriculum centered around art and architecture. We learned in the classroom and outside the classroom around Seville, Spain. It was the perfect setting! I was hooked!

So, teaching art came naturally to me!

As I taught Spanish and Art, I had my other goal, to become a certified elementary school teacher.  Now I was certified to teach 7-12, I needed this next step. So for two years I worked hard! 

Now I continued to teach for years at the elementary level. Loved it! Then the climate began to change…… and I was back to sitting on the end of the bed and sobbing again…. 17 years later.

How did I get back here?  I set goals and achieved them!

This time, it was my husband that sat with me and listened to me. It was my husband encouraging me to make the change to what came naturally to me. It was my husband that talked to me about resigning from teaching and pursuing what was really in my heart.  

I will not lie, it wasn’t an easy choice. I was trying to decide if I should go back to square one. Should I start all over again?  

As you already know, I did decide to move on.

The lessons I have learned through my early journey from motivation and determination flooded me again to study, create and implement my interior decorating business.  

These same qualities I use when completing a project for clients. Will everything run perfect all the time?

Hell NO!

But, with every challenge there is a solution.  With every twist there is a turn to something better and that is how I approach things. I’d rather be honest and let the client know, that with these unexpected challenges, I will do everything in my ability to find a solution. Solving problems and moving forward are exactly what excites me. That feeling of accomplishment makes me feel like a rockstar!

Now, how does this help you?

We all can relate! Change is hard. Whether it is life-changing or even small change in your home. We can all feel overwhelmed with change in our status quo.  


It doesn’t have to be.  Having someone by your side encouraging you, helping you and guiding you makes that change so much easier and seamless. I would not be here without my challenges.  I would not be here without my mom or my husband encouraging me to embrace that change.  

So, Let me help you embrace a small change in your home. Let’s do a refresh in a space and spruce it up!

Interested? It is simple. Click here to learn more and book a call where we can discuss what you need, want and a plan to make some small changes that will have a big impact! Ready?

P.S. — Be sure to share if you have had struggles in your life that have pushed you forward to work harder and smarter to achieve what you really want in your life. Would love to hear your stories too! Just comment below!


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  1. Leslie says:

    I know it must have been hard but you realized it pretty early on. Some people take years to realize they hate what they went to school for.

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