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Mar 30, 2017


Are you starting to see this word everywhere girlfriend? All year this word pops up all over Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. I am not surprised! It is the year of Hygge. It is trending across all areas in one’s life. Many think it is a decor style. The reality is that it is an art. Hygge is a Danish word that is a feeling or mood that comes taking genuine pleasure in making ordinary, everyday moments more meaningful, beautiful or special. There is nothing to learn “how to do hygge”. This is going to be something different to you, your neighbor and to me. That is what is so overwhelmingly incredible about hygge. It is a state of being!  

To break it down, it simply requires being present and recognizing a moment that feels so sweet, cozy, charming, special or nice that you just have to name the moment. Hygge is being aware of the moment and naming it! We have all been there. That moment where all of a sudden you feel warm, happy and in that perfect place. It is bliss! It is the act of taking the simple ordinary moments in our lives and making them special.  

Now, why are we seeing it everywhere related to interior design and decor? Hygge, pronounced hoo-ga, is creating intimacy. The most logical place to create a cozy, intimate setting is within your house and home. How can you find your hygge?



  1. Invest in Candles – Candles will set the intimate mood. Intimacy is centered around a cozy, warm atmosphere. This can be celebrated with friends and family.

  2. Add Texture – A perfect relaxing moment instantly goes to lusciously soft textures which add another dimension to any interior – think chunky knit cushions, faux fur throws and fluffy woolen rugs. Soft materials from merino wool to cashmere, textured accessories are a huge trend of the moment with the layering of different tactile surfaces creating a styled look in any room and when combined with a roaring fire or soft candlelight — GOLDEN!

  3. Simple Things — Remember, texture is wonderful but you only need to make simple, small additions to feel hygge!

  4. Hygge with Friends — Those special moments are best had with friends. Sit around your kitchen table, enjoy a cup of coffee and just be! Sharing a meal with family and friends creates that simple pleasure. So call them up and take out some of those plates and napkins and enjoy your time. It doesn’t need to be perfect, it is about being in the moment.

  5. Don’t Over Do – To find hygge in your home, don’t do an overhaul of your space. That will overwhelm you and you no longer are in that hygge state. It is not about wowing or impressing your guests, rather creating a place they never want to leave.

  6. Enjoy the Space Around You — This is essential to your home! It is not about escaping your stresses of the day, but instead train your mind to revel in the smallest piece of your home you love and is uplifting to your soul!

Hygge State of Mind:

A simple thing can create that blissful state! Which item below creates a place just for you? My two favorite would have to be the French press and mug. I am a bit of a coffee snob and can proudly admit to that without apologizing. Share what item brings you to the state of Hygge?

Now it’s your turn!  How will you take on hygge? Hygge is a hot trend in interior decor, what inspires you when you see a home filled with hygge? Come share over in my private Facebook Group – Design, Style and Martini’s.



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