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Mar 22, 2017

Hey Ladies! I want to share “WHAT I LEARNED FROM A BOX OF DONUTS!”

February is a celebratory month for my family. It starts out with my mom’s birthday and then two of my daughter’s have a birthday as well.

When, my now 7 year old’s birthday came she wanted an elaborate birthday snack at school. I realized she has already got caught up in the “I need to be perfect” ideology around your birthday treat. We baked for the next day and unfortunately the school celebration treat never made it to school due to a large snowstorm.

We shared the treats with her cousins but knew we would have to bake again. That following Monday morning, I was getting out the ingredients to bake the “perfect” birthday snack for school.

My other February Baby girl (9) began talking about her birthday treat and asked for a box of big donuts from Dunkin Donuts.

Me: “Hallelujah, Yes you can!!”

9 year old: “Yes!” Fist pump and all

Me: (me second-guessing) “We can’t bring that.”

9 year old: “Yes we can.”

Me: “All the other moms bring homemade stuff.”

9 year old: “So.”

Me: “…”

7 year old: “Can I have a box of Dunkin Donuts for my Birthday Snack too?”

Me: Looking at the ingredients in front of me thinking — it will save me time and sanity. “Yes, go get ready quickly and you can go pick out your donuts for school!”

Both Girls: Screaming, Jumping and dancing around


They were right.

You see, the REAL reason I didn’t want to get Dunkin’ was because I was nervous the other parents would look down on me.

I was worried my choice would be mocked and people would roll their eyes.

The truth is this: I’m not buying the donuts for them. I’m buying it for my daughters. It doesn’t matter what others think of my choice.

As you create, restyle and decorate your space keep this in mind. Don’t worry about what others are doing. Don’t worry about what anyone else will say about it. Remain focused on your space. Design exactly what you want and you will win every time.  

So to help you overcome that decorating judgment zone, here a few tips I use when decorating my home. I lean & layer artwork and mirrors.


  • I strive to create a happy home rather than a perfect home

  • I make my everyday things more beautiful to blend in with my decor

  • I create a mood board

  • I use what I love and don’t worry about trends!

  • I rethink how we organize our home

  • I display things that make me happy

  • I decorate with things I love

  • will frame meaningful artwork

  • I update rooms on a budget with paint

  • I organize my house so it is both attractive and functional

  • I create mini-destinations in my home to retreat

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  1. Monique says:

    This is great. We often need small reminders like that of what is important.

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