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Dreaming Of Faraway Places – Favorite Friday Finds to Match

Jan 20, 2017

Where are you headed in your fantasy vacation on this cold January day? What do you dream about when you arrive?  Let’s compare!

Are you dreaming of packing up and taking off to somewhere warm and beautiful?? Me too! I actually am dreaming of a faraway place today. In a week and a half, I am heading to Miami for work. Although it is for work, it will be a bit luxurious. Why? Because I can sleep in for two days! I can sit and read. I can wear nice clothes and not worry about sticky hands all over them.  I only need two days of this. I will be refilled! So this is a luxury.  

Some days I amaze myself. Other days, I put my keys in the fridge.”

— Unkown

Yup!  That is true!!  Life as a mother is so rewarding and so exhausting.  But, I am normal, just like every other mother!

So taking a small two day business break will be luxurious.  Today, I allowed myself to daydream of fun, luxurious things to match what I was feeling today.  Check it out below:

Can you see my train of thought? Relaxation, elegant furniture, reading, coffee, nice shoes and amazing travel pieces to bring along. A mother cannot go wrong! Happy Friday!!


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