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So Here I Am…Getting a Massage and Seeing Clarity!

Jan 6, 2017

So here I am…breathing, thinking and eating everything there is to figure out how to run an online interior decorating business. I am looking for the right method to make it work. I am reading, writing, watching free webinars, you name it, I am doing it. Trying new avenues to learn new business ideas, marketing, sales funnels, bookkeeping, creative classes for Photoshop, Canva, Word Swag, and then add in social media. Phew! Thank God I love to learn. At this point, I could probably open a university: University of Jennifer Lynn. Sad joke! I know. My point is, I have tried many approaches. Some work, some do not, but I know what I love doing. I am good at doing what I love, but the clients are not pouring into my schedule like I envisioned. I will have hot months where I am cranking things out. But then others are stale. Which brings me to what occurred today at Birch Body Care.  

Today while half passed out on the massage table, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Bam! I have to show people who I am! They do not know if they can trust me. Who is Jennifer? I have to be truthful of my likes, dislikes, fears, accomplishments and failures. I need to be raw. While on the table, I had palpitations. The thought of exposing my deepest thoughts became frightening! How do I do that? Will be people care? Is this the right thing? And while in that meditative state, I answered those questions…..I need to blog and reveal my feelings about everything! I am not talking trends in interiors only. I need to expose my true self. Holy Shit! That is scary stuff.  

Will people care? This is probably what has been holding me back in my business. Will people care? I said it a few times. Realizing it was my crutch and my excuse, I decided to screw it! I want to be successful more than worrying about what people think. For crying out loud, I am 42 years old. At this point, people have made their decisions about me already. But there are people out there that do like me, love me, support me, cheerlead for me, encourage me and trust me! They are the people I am doing this for daily. They are my “kryptonite”.  (Cheesy…I know)  

Is this the right thing? Is.This.The.Right.Thing? Yup, another big question. My answer….I don’t know. But what I have learned over the last 10 months, is that I have to try and see what happens. I have a will, a desire to succeed. That is what matters. So, in my clarity, this is what was presented to me, so this is what I am working with. And yes, I am scared….holy shit am I scared!  

My promise to you from this day on is to be raw, to be real. I promise to share things that will make me uncomfortable, as well as adding posts of the fun things and ideas for interior decorating and designing pieces. I may write about my favorite food, which the list is long. Just saying! Posts may include my favorite drink of choice…. Extra Dirty Martini please….and be sure to use Tito’s. I will write about my family…the stories are endless! My writing will include places I visited. I will mix it up! I will write whatever floats my boat, because that is me. I want to be real!  

Are you ready to join me on my journey? I am scared and may fumble as I go; I’m not perfect, I am just me. Hope to see you around while I navigate this life; the good, the bad and the incredible moments!


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