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The wonders of Wallpaper: 12 Amazing & Pretty patterns

Nov 4, 2016

You have already made up your mind, you either love wallpaper or you hate it! But let’s pause for a moment. Wallpaper has changed with the times and the design, texture and colors will knock your socks off! Hear me out and then make a decision. Wallpaper evokes a style, mood and ambiance for your space. It can define your space beyond a flat color from paint. It can be used in bookcases, shelving, half-walls, accent walls or whole rooms. The options are limitless!  


So to begin, I have been pouring over this blog post all week. What should I include? How can I show you the marvel of wallpaper…like the 7 wonders of the world; wallpaper can ooh and aah you as well. Because wallpaper is on trend again, I could make decisions about what to share with you. I loved so many of the options out there. Instead, I will show you a few of my favorites and you can check out their sites to see if you find some of your favorites! Just promise, don’t be afraid! It isn’t the same as when we were kids…I pinky swear.  

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The images above show the complexity of wallpaper today. It is artwork in a room now. Some companies to check out are Murals Wallpaper, Tempaper, York Wallcoverings, Ferm Living, and Graham and Brown. And don’t for get Etsy. You can find some beautiful, unique products that cannot be found elsewhere on Etsy.  

Top Row:

  1. Ferm LivingLiving Half Moon Wallpaper

  2. Etsy Shop – Self-adhesive wallpaper black chevron

  3. Murals Wallpaper – Sepia Houses of Parliament Wall Mural

  4. York WallcoveringsThread links

Middle Row:

  1. Tempaper – Tokyo Ash

  2. York Wallcoverings – Shimmering Fan

  3. Walls Republic Contemporary Metallic Pearl Paper Birch wallpaper

  4. Graham and Brown – Contour Spa Pastel Wallpaper

Bottom Row:

  1. Graham and BrownDarcy Wallpaper

  2. Murals Wallpaper Abstract Blue Geometric Wallpaper

  3. Ferm Living – Lines Wallpaper dark blue

  4. Rebecca AtwoodFloral Collage Wallpaper in Navy

The options for wallpaper are endless. Place in the bathroom, kitchen, living room or any room for that matter. It can be used on one wall or multiple walls. You can use it inside bookshelves, closets or ceilings! Have fun with it. The idea of wallpaper is to add a unique design element to your space. So go, create your fun, create your drama and sit back and admire it all!


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