Email Consultation FAQ

How Long?

This email consultation will be 30 minutes of design time and correspondence with you about your space. This is for one space. If you need multiple spaces, please purchase time for each space to get the most out of your design time. And remember, you will not receive a full design plan from this consultation, but you will have direction on how to proceed with your space.

What kind of questions do you answer?

During this email consultation, we can discuss how to add art, mirrors or decor to your blank walls. JLI can create a furniture arrangement plan using your existing pieces or if you need help with new pieces and what sizes would be best. We can give guidance on kitchen and bathroom updates to before you go into a showroom to begin your renovations. At JLI, we received many questions about what to do with bookcases, coffee tables and window treatments. Last, another popular question is about how select art for a space. The questions are limitless, but here are a few that we have worked with in the past.

Next Steps?

Now that you are ready to ask for help via email, the first step would be to click the button below to purchase the 30 minutes of time for $150 plus tax. Then, you will supply your email and we will send you a small questionnaire to fill out about your project. Plus, you will need to send pictures from the 4 different corners of the room (far away) and some pictures up close. Please limit the photography to about 10 photos. Last, we will review all the information and pictures. We will gather all of the best information about your solutions and send them over via email. After you have read through and processed everything, we will answer one round of questions.