Cali Cool

Location: Hyde Park, ny

Modern Elegance Unleashed: Transforming the Heart of the Home

Transformed from a basic builder's model, this modular home now boasts a stunning, modern kitchen. The centerpiece is a cutting-edge floating table, seamlessly integrated into a spacious island. This renovation melds functionality with contemporary design, creating an inviting and efficient space.

Our mission was to craft a kitchen that wasn't just a space, but a statement - a luxury kitchen that goes beyond mere aesthetics. We envisioned a culinary haven that's as functional as it is fancy, tailored to enrich the everyday life of the family. Imagine sipping your morning coffee from a bespoke coffee station, or selecting a bottle from the exclusive wine storage, all in an environment that exudes modern elegance. From the innovative floating table to the hydration station, every element was designed to elevate the family's lifestyle. This isn't just a
 kitchen; it's the heart of the home, reimagined for luxury, convenience, and family life.


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