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Meet Jennifer

principal designer and owner of Jennifer Lynn Interiors

Jennifer Lynn Interiors

Since founding JLI in 2015, Jennifer Tampasis has built a stylish reputation for creating one-of-a-kind spaces that reflect the uniqueness of each client.

Today, JLI specializes in whole-home and multi-room space planning, furnishing and decorating to create homes that are beautiful, put together and cohesive from top to bottom.

Giving You an Amazing Client Experience

Drawing on her former career as a teacher, Jennifer is dedicated to helping you feel empowered and confident in your design decisions. To that end, she educates and informs you about the reasons behind her recommendations, anticipating your questions and helping you envision the exciting finished results.

Driving Your Design Project to the Finish Line

Jennifer knows that being in your corner and helping move your project forward to completion is a vital part of her job. Her friendly, encouraging approach and organized, communicative processes see you through even large design projects with amazing results. And because she’s forged and nurtured great relationships with some of the best brands on the market she’s able to access unique, high-quality products with ease.

Giving You Classic, Sophisticated, Timeless Spaces With a Wow Factor

Jennifer attributes her keen eye for color, pattern and texture – now hallmarks of the JLI aesthetic – to her time spent traveling the world and living abroad in Spain. By layering fresh colors, stylish lines, classic styles and neutral palettes, she achieves sophisticated designs with true style staying power.

Making Your Spaces Truly Functional

More than just choosing beautiful fabrics and furnishings for your project, Jennifer designs storage and room layouts that make good sense for how you live. By also making sure the beautiful fabrics and finishes she brings into your home and also durable, easy to maintain, she gives you spaces that are positively brimming with functional beauty.

What Home Means to Her

While ‘home’ is primarily her husband, their three daughters and the family dog, Jennifer also believes home is our place to unwind and to be unapologetically ourselves – a sanctuary where we can decompress and recharge. One of the most beneficial experiences we can give ourselves and our families is a home that celebrates our uniqueness and that’s filled with colors, textures and objects we love.

Her Favorite Part of the Job

Because she also believes that full tables and full homes equal full hearts, for Jennifer, the best part of designing beautiful spaces for her clients is knowing they’ll be more likely to invite friends and family over to fill their tables and homes much more often.


Did you know…

In 2019, Jennifer was named a ‘Designhound,’ part of a select network of design professionals recognized as micro-influencers and chosen for their design savvy and the valuable, design-centric content they share with their audiences on their blogs and social media platforms. As a Designhound, Jennifer is given access to review newly released home and design products on behalf of her clients and followers, as well as entry to exclusive industry events and blog tours.