1920s Bungalow

Location: Milton, ny

Transforming Small Spaces: Achieving Elegance and Charm

The original home in this Milton home reflected a closed off and not a modern layout for our clients lifestyle. It featured basic laminate countertops, stock cabinetry, and dated appliances. The layout was tiny and barely functional as well as lacking the 1920s charm and efficiency desired by the homeowner.

Our goal was to transform this space into a luxurious, high-end kitchen. The design focused on creating a blend of modern functionality with timeless elegance. Key elements included a functional island, top-of-the-line appliances, and custom cabinetry. The completed kitchen is a testament to luxury and style. The remaining first floor was updated with simple elegance, and timeless structure to create a cohesive and warm home for all our clients family and friends.


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