Hey What Goals Did You Set for 2017?

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.
— unknown

Does everyone agree?  If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you?  It is an interesting idea to think about.  We are closing out January 2017 in a flash.  This is the time I like to step back and see if I am sticking to my that I brainstormed in December.  I have them written down, but am I actually following through.  This happens all to often.  Our ideas are lofty and soon are gone.  I decided this is not what I was going to do.  The first thing I decided was to not use the word "resolution".  To often in the past, the word jumbles up what you really want to achieve.  So goal one met!  Simple, right?  


I wish setting goals and maintaining the work to meet them was simple.  It is not.  It is hard work, but can be done.  So, let's talk about what goals I have and what you have.  My goals are mixed in with personal and business.  I think this has happened because I work from home now so the two intermingle so much.  Anyone feel like that too?

Goal 1:

Staying healthy and and in shape is important to me, but I will admit this is always a challenge.  Why?  Because I love to eat food!  I do not like to count calories, watch how much fat is in something, or even how many carbs it has.  I just love to eat it!  In 2012 my Endocrinologist told me I have insulin resistance with reactive hypoglycemia.  

Essentially, it means, I have to watch what I eat!  It was a punch in the gut!  And I did and I felt better and I added in more exercise as instructed.  I feel great and have come to a balance.  Then why is this a goal, because I slip off the "wagon" like everyone else.

 Hell, I went a step further and started two weeks before 2017 just so that I wasn't a cliche.  I started kickboxing and resumed my at home workouts again too.  In one month, clothes are feeling great and I lost 3lbs.  I'm not looking to lose, my goal is to be health and in shape.  I am seeing success!!

Goal 2:

This one is completely business related.  I have been studying, and learning the online business world.  I was never a business major, so bare with me, it is all brand new.  In my discoveries I started reading and hearing about sales funnels.  I read more and discovered more.  My goal for 2017 is to construct a strong, profitable sales funnel.  The idea of it overwhelmed me.  I have reached out for help this time.  I will be going to a Mastermind Group in Miami in 10 days to create and implement my first sales funnel.  I am so excited an overwhelmed.  I will be so excited to complete the next step!  Any advice, share it below!  I would love to hear about it.

Goal 3:

Goal three is what I am currently brainstorming and working through right now.  I want to create a private Facebook Group centered around decor, inspiration, education and more.

I have ideas and implementations, but I really need you hear from you.  

  • What would draw you to a group like this?  
  • What topics would you like learn about?  
  • What challenges do you have with your own home decor?

This is my next be goal to conquer, but I really need you to partner up with me so it will succeed.  I am so excited for this project and hope you will be too!

Goal 4:

This is an important goal for my business as well!  I want to hire a VA (virtual assistant).  I am working hard on a daily basis and need someone to keep things organized.   I need help with Social Media marketing and promotions.  I am clearly feeling overwhelmed and know that I need to outsource!  This will be in my near future, but I haven't worked on any prospects yet.  

Do you know anyone interested?

Goal 5:

This goal is for my home.  We moved into our amazing house 6 years ago!  When we did, we made some initial changes. Now, other things have crept in and we cannot ignore them anymore.  We started this goal mid-year of 2016.  

We replaced the back deck with a patio.  Since then, we have renovated the living room and replaced the tiled hearth with a marble tile. Georgeous!  We are finishing up the powder room now.  You can check out our progress below.  We have other projects down the pike for 2017 and I hope they all go off without a hitch!

So, like the quotes says, if it isn't challenging, it won't change you!  I have taken on some very challenging goals this year and I can see positive change coming my way!

Now, I would love to hear from you!  I really need help with goal number 3.  I want to create a group, but I want it to be what you want and need to help you in your home.  Share your ideas below.  Thanks!


To inspire and imagine.

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