The Cost of an Interior Designer: Is It Worth It?

That is an on-going question for most consumers.  Is it worth hiring an interior designer/decorator/stylist for your home?  The simple answer is YES!  I realize this may seem like a self promotion blog....but most people do not know the value of hiring an interior decorator. The reality is that is not enough an answer yes to convince you to hire someone to help you with your home.  I know.  Most people think that it is to expensive or that they can handle it themselves and be in control.  But there are so many aspects that you are not considering when making this quick decision.

So let's look at the reasons why hiring an expert is to your benefit:

  1. Budget -- You will maintain your budget and find better pricing on pieces

  2. Costly Mistakes -- You are much less likely to make expensive mistakes.  There is nothing worse than buying a piece that is too big or two small for a space.

  3. It's All About YOU -- You have an expert working with you to ensure you space is exactly what you want and inspired it to be.

  4. Time -  You will save time, headaches, and money.  Isn't this alone priceless? 

Great spaces do not happen by accident.  Knowing how a space flows, how to combine fabrics, color selection, furniture placement, appliance measurements all prevent the costly avenue of having to return or replace pieces.  As a decorator, I understand the importance of the design principles balance, rhythm, harmony, scale and proportion and emphasis.  We pay attention to the elements of light, color, space, line, pattern, shape and mass, and texture.  This education will help eliminate those costly mistakes!  

As a home stylist, I have resources galore at my fingertips.  I have access to items that are not open to the public.  These resources can save you money on your overall project!   Boom!  Another way to stay on budget.

Designers want you to be happy!  I am your home cheerleader. There will be days you will be overwhelmed with decisions and anxious for things to be completed.  It is my job to build up that excitement again and motivate you to see the finished dream space!  This process is all about you!  Why settle for having your space look like a Big Box Catalog?  Your space can be customized and unique to you.  Combining ideas from various inspiration will create that amazing curated look!  This look will be cohesive, pulled together which takes experience, talent and insight.

Forget the headaches!  Hiring a designer from the get go will make the process fun, remove stress and headaches of design mistakes and details. 

Designers think differently!  We understand the importance of comfort, flow and creativity to enhance your home and your life.  Your space should make you feel proud, ecstatic, warm, happy, inspired and energized.  My job is to learn how you live, what you love and incorporate it all into your space.  Now, your space will be a reflection of you, and welcoming home for all your family and friends. 

Are you ready to create that space that is totally you?  Great!  

Jennifer TampasisComment