Decorating 101 Guide

Decorating 101 Guide


When you read this guide to the end, you're going to discover:

  •  A Mapped Out Game Plan: This plan will guide you through budget, style, measuring, inventory, windows & more!
  •  It is all in the details:  Use the guide to record, inspire and plan you entire space  each step of the way.  
  •  No more overwhelm: Use the guide to organize your project before you start impulse buying 
  •  How to decorate with ease: The guide will make your project easy to implement your decor and have many admiring eyes from afar!
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It happened again, didn't it?  To you.....or someone you love.

I know your story of working hard to curate your home 

so that it is

 warm, cozy and inviting.

Everyone's situation is different, but the results are usually the same 

overspending, overwhelm, frustration and lack of organization to keep the job seamless.

Am I Right?

I've got a question for you...

Have you ever wanted an easy plan to follow to create a space in you home you can

sit back, admire and know you pulled it off without a hitch?  


Come on, you know what I'm talking about....

where everything went right, fell into place like you are as if you were working with a professional the whole time!


Where you can admire your home and beam with pride when others to to....


Or, friends and family ask who did you hire to help you and design you space.

So why hasn't your dream space happened yet?

I am sure you've noticed this too, right?

So let's get your plan put together!

Simply download this guide:

Decorating 101:  Fundamental Steps to Organize Every Project

Are you ready to jump into a decorating project, but feeling overwhelmed by your first steps? 


 This laser focused journaling guide will help you get organized, stay organized and plan like a pro! 


 Record all your data, measurements, ideas in on spot and feel at ease as you shop for the pieces you need, buy furniture that will fit and create a space you love and are proud to show off to guest!