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Modern Farmhouse in Woodstock, NY


Just last week I’ve had an opportunity to sit down with Designer Jennifer Lynn, the Owner, and President of Jennifer Lynn Interiors. I’ve been watching her work on social media for a while now and was eager to get to know what inspires her amazingly inviting and beautifully classic interiors.

“My true passion has always been interior design but arrived at this place in life down a long windy road. As an educator for 17 years, in the Hudson Valley, making a career change was insurmountable. Call it a “mid-life” crisis if you wish, but it has been the best decision of my career life! Designing for others these last four years brings joy, excitement, and beauty to the Hudson Valley.”- said Jennifer when I asked her what brought her to the Hudson Valley and how she got into the interior design business.

When I first saw Leyla’s photographs of the Woodstock House, I was very intrigued, because I knew it’s an older architecture yet space looked very open and contemporary. “The house itself belongs to a lovely family who had dreams of transforming it into their second home and a part-time vacation rental.”- said Jennifer, “Before renovations, the 1950s had several small, closed-off spaces. Our goal was to make it a more open concept floor plan. The space needed to support lots of families, guests, and good times.”- she added.

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Interview by Maxwell Alexander, Editor-in-Chief, Hudson Valley Style Magazine
Photography by Leyla Cadabal